Alchemy Unveiled

A 6-Week Alchemical Exploration of Self-Healing and Relationship Magic

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your relationships? Do past wounds continue to drain your energy, leaving you anxious and unfulfilled? Imagine a life where you confidently navigate your relationships, cultivate meaningful connections, and prioritize your own well-being.

Heal, Reprogram, and Thrive

In this comprehensive program, Jade will guide you through a transformative journey spanning six weeks, divided into three powerful stages: Past, Present, and Future.

Past: Healing and Cord Cutting

Unearth and heal the roots of past wounds, learning the art of cord cutting to liberate yourself from energy-draining connections. Explore mother and sister wounding, and bring buried emotions to the surface for profound healing.

Present: Navigating Current Relationships with Confidence

Learn to set boundaries that protect your energy, embracing the regal energy of the Queen of Swords. Dive into spellwork and energy healing during the new and full moon phases, gaining tools to observe, navigate, and foster healthy connections.

Future: Manifesting the Relationships You Desire

Embrace the power of manifesting and calling in your ideal relationships. Break free from the fear of settling and open yourself up to the abundance of love and connection. This stage includes sacred meditations, empowering you to deepen your relationship with yourself and those who truly align with your values.

If you want to feel empowered to perform self healing Alchemy Unveiled is for you.

  • 6 weeks of transformation

    This program is going to introduce you to powerful tools to help you with your relationships. You'll be introduced to reiki healing, candle magic, rituals, manifestation techniques, meditations, tapping, and more that all help you develop the relationships of your dreams.

  • Education Portal

    Each week new material will drop in your learning portal. It will be filled with material to support you through the week and to try out new healing techniques. This is all about finding what works for you.

  • Hour Live Calls

    Starting the week of February 26th, we will be meeting weekly via Zoom. Every call will be recorded if you can't join live. During these calls we will be casting spells, I'll be performing reiki healing, and more.

  • Product Bundle

    You're going to love the Lumos Collective goodies that come with this program. You'll get a program candle, program oil, and everything you need for the 6-week journey.

  • Community

    Lumos Collective programs are all about community. We will be celebrating wins, hyping each other up when we have doubts, and getting to know each other between calls in the Telegram community.

The Three Big Transformations:

Empower Yourself in Relationships

  • Break free from people-pleasing tendencies
  • Prioritize your needs without guilt
  • Trust your intuition and make aligned decisions

Protection and Boundaries

  • Learn to set boundaries that protect your energy
  • Disconnect from past relationships draining your energy
  • Trust yourself to discern what serves you best

Deepen Relationship with Yourself

  • Sacred meditations for self-discovery
  • Embrace your own worth and value
  • Cultivate a healed relationship with yourself

Why work with Jade

I've been where you are. You're ready for so much more. I spent years trying to heal the relationships in my life. I lacked self confidence, boundary setting, and the tools I needed to help myself develop better relationships.

Through the power of energetics, exploring various healing techniques, and not being afraid to try new things, I started to heal from past relationships, deepened current relationships, and manifested new ones.

I'm excited to help you do the same thing.

Your Invitation to Transform:

Unlock Your Radiant Relationships is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's a personalized journey tailored to your unique needs. This is not just about taking the bare minimum steps; it's about doing the work and embracing powerful healing modalities to create the relationships you've always desired.

Don't miss out on opportunities due to fear or anxiety. Break free from the patterns that keep you awake at night. It's time to put yourself first, deepen your connection with yourself, and experience the fulfilling relationships you deserve.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Your radiant relationships await.

Pay in full witches $555 receive a 1:1 healing call to align you for magic.

Payment plans $145 for 4 months or $190 for 3 months.

I'm ready to dive into magic

Still have questions? Send me a DM or an email and let me know what's on your mind. I'll see you there!