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Bye Bye Bad Vibes

Bye Bye Bad Vibes

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Bye Bye Bad Vibes is a delicious alternative to lighting up a bundle of sage. This smokeless sage alternative, contains clary sage essential oils and dried sage, amongst other components, to bring the cleansing properties of a bundle of sage without using a flame.

Bye Bye Bad Vibes is sure to help turn your day around. If you feel like the energy around you is stale, like your home needs an energetic lift, like bad vibes are plaguing you, or you just need a reset- this spray is perfect for you!

I also love using this spray before and after client calls, before and after reiki sessions, and after visitors.

To use, be sure to shake the bottle to evenly distribute the product then spritz the mist to your heart’s content.

This bottle is 6oz and contains water, alcohol, mica, rose quartz, essential oils, dried sage, and other ingredients. This can be sprayed in the air, on the body, but is not to be consumed.

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