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Lumos Collective

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

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This candle is going to help you remember it's just another day and bring forth all the good luck to you!

With the aroma of
🕯️ apple -to welcome in abundance and creativity
🕯️cinnamon - to bring in luck and protection 
🕯️clove - for luck and protection
🕯️ juniper - to bring in good luck and prosperity 
🕯️cedarwood - for protection and abundance 

This delicious scent will remind you of the beauty of fall.

Topped with
🦇 bats to bring in your intuition and avoid any sticky situations
🖤 black obsidian to shield your from negativity

And infused with reiki, magic, and intention-

This candle is sure to give you your best Friday the 13th yet.
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