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Lumos Collective

Gingerbread Glow

Gingerbread Glow

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Here's the facts: a healed goddess just glows different! 

And that's what gingerbread glow is all about! 

This candle is going to help you embrace your own healing this holiday season while bringing you the comforting scents of gingerbread. 

This candle is perfect for helping you navigate the holiday season, assist with any trauma you have around the holidays, and aid in inner child healing. 

Topped with tigers eye for protection, mending relationships, and to ward off negativity. 

Also topped with cinnamon for abundance and protection. 

Infused with reiki, magic, and intention. 

Note: this is a pre order. All holiday candles ship December 1st.

Each candle is hand poured soy wax. Natural variations may occur.

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