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I am Protected

I am Protected

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I am Protected is a power spray to help keep your home protected. It’s a wonderful tool to use

  • as part of your home protection care

  • prior to divination

  • prior to visiting with people that drain you

  • prior to energy work

  • during spellwork

  • when you know you’ll be facing a difficult situation

  • when you feel anxious

  • and numerous other uses

I am Protected smells woodsy and is sure to help ground you and protect you when you need it most.

I also love using this spray before and after client calls, before and after reiki sessions, and after visitors.

To use, be sure to shake the bottle to evenly distribute the product then spritz the mist to your heart’s content.

This bottle is 6oz and contains water, alcohol, mica, dragon bloodstone, essential oils, dried herbs, and other ingredients. This can be smelled in the air, on the body, but is not to be consumed.

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