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Introducing our Reiki-Infused Imbolc Candle, a meticulously crafted blend of mystical energy and natural elements to elevate your sacred space during the enchanting celebration of Imbolc. Imbued with the transformative power of Reiki, this candle serves as a beacon of positive energy, inviting warmth and renewal into your life.

This fresh scent of lemon, saffron, pomegranate, sandalwood, and cranberry awaits you.

Key Ingredients:

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of amethyst, a crystal renowned for its calming properties. This enchanting gemstone is thought to enhance spiritual awareness, promoting a sense of tranquility and balance as you connect with the energies of Imbolc.

🔮 Garnet:
Ignite the fire within with the passionate energy of garnet. This deep red gemstone symbolizes strength, love, and commitment. Let its vibrant essence infuse your space with vitality, empowering you to embrace the coming spring with renewed vigor. Let this stone remind you of fire, the sun, and longer days ahead. 

Embrace the gentle guidance of turquoise, a stone associated with protection and spiritual growth. Known for its harmonizing energies, turquoise encourages a sense of serenity, making it the perfect companion for your Imbolc rituals.

🌿 Lavender:
The soothing fragrance of lavender adds an aromatic dimension to this sacred candle, promoting relaxation and creating an atmosphere of calmness. Lavender is traditionally associated with purification and healing, aligning perfectly with the themes of Imbolc.

Illuminate your Imbolc celebrations with our Reiki-Infused Imbolc Candle, a divine fusion of crystal energy, herbal essence, and sacred intention. Embrace the warmth and renewal this candle brings as you usher in the promise of spring and the awakening of nature's cycle.

Each candle is hand poured soy wax. Additionally every candle is infused with reiki, magic, and intention. 

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