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Lumos Collective

New Moon Protection Spell

New Moon Protection Spell

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Presenting our exclusive Group Protection Spell, a meticulously crafted ritual personally conducted  by Jade. Designed to fortify you and your loved ones, this enchanting spell draws strength from the new moon, creating a tailored shield of positive energy around your group.

What's Included:

1. Customized Candle: Your journey begins with a candle, handcrafted by Jade and infused with herbs, oils, and symbols specifically chosen to enhance the protective energies. 

2. Personalized Photo: See your magic in action with photos of the spell. 

3. Empowering Video: Witness the magic as it unfolds with a recorded video of the spell casting. Here you will be able to see the magic of your own candle. 

4. Detailed Interpretation: Receive a thorough interpretation of the spell's results, explaining the symbolism and significance of each element involved. 

Key Features:

New Moon Magic: Benefit from the heightened energies of the new moon, expertly harnessed by our practitioners to amplify the strength and effectiveness of your personalized ritual.

Reiki Energy Infusion: Imbued with positivity and light, our Group Protection Spell is designed to create a shield against negativity, fostering an environment of harmony, support, and well-being.

Cast on Friday, February 9th.
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