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Money Money Money

Money Money Money

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Are you looking to bring more money into your life? It’s okay to want more money! Whether you are going through a tough financial time right now or you would just like to be able to have a little extra, the Money, Money, Money is the candle for you.

This candle smells deliciously of dragon’s blood and ginger to help call in the money you want.

This candle is also topped with shredded faux cash, herkimer diamond crystals, and a bay leaf to bring in the money vibes.

To help bring in the money, pluck off the bay leaf prior to using this candle and write your money intentions on the bay leaf. Then place the bay leaf under your candle, meditate on your intentions, and then bring in your money, money, money.

7oz double wick glass candle made with soy wax.

This candle is made with magic, intention, and infused with reiki energy.

Please note each candle is hand poured and unique. Candles may vary slightly due to this. Additionally, we use a sustainable practices for our herbs and florals so there may be times where the floral colors vary.

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