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Unlock your creativity

Unlock your creativity

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We have all had those moments where we feel completely blocked from creating.

We feel stuck in our business, in our life, or in our art form.

And no matter what we do, it’s like we can’t fix this block.

That’s where Unlock your creativity comes in.

Imagine being in your favorite coffee shop but
☕ you’re the only one there
☕ there are no distractions
☕ you’re able to fully step into your creative genius

That’s what this candle embodies.

It smells deliciously of coffee and caramel to bring the coffee shop vibes to you and to help get the creative juices flowing.

This candle is also topped with the poet’s stone, Sodalite. This stone removes mental blocks, increases creativity, provides wisdom, and brings luck.

6oz single wick glass candle made with soy wax.

This candle is made with magic, intention, and infused with reiki energy.

Please note each candle is hand poured and unique. Candles may vary slightly due to this. Additionally, we use a sustainable practices for our herbs and florals so there may be times where the floral colors vary.

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Customer Reviews

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Starbucks Could Never

The description says this candle brings the coffee shop to you, and it really does! I am a business owner and this is my favorite candle for cranking out client work and hopping on calls with peers. All the warm, cozy, vibes of a cafe but none of the noise lol. Definitely a candle for lovers of rich gourmand scents. And creatives!