Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon

If you woke up this morning feeling like you’d been hung over or hit my a mac truck, you’re not alone…

I’ve been checking in with my spiritual brothers, sisters, and non-binary beings this morning and almost all of them are still being impacted by the Aquarius full moon energy. Before, I dove deeper into my spiritual journey, I had no idea that the moon energy could last days (sometimes even weeks). So no wonder people are waking up today still feeling….welll…like crap.


I’m glad you asked. The Aquarius full moon is unapologetically asking you to explore yourself, your vision for your life, and the role that you play in the collective. Naturally, this is going to bring up big feelings because you’ll be exploring who you really are at your core and your belief system. Because of this, you’re going to need to do some release work. You’ll be shedding old layers and versions of yourself that no longer serve you. You’ll also need to release beliefs that aren’t yours and begin challenging the collective consciousness, if you dare.

That’s why when I worked with the ladies during the full moon circle, I lit up the Hex the Patriarchy candle for us all. This candle not only aids in healing but it also has rebellious powers to help give you the courage to stand up in your power and challenge collective consciousness.

So what should you do?

Right now is a good time to take stock of things. Not only your feelings and belief system but also tangible items in your home. Take time to clean up your space. Be sure to donate anything that you aren’t using or is no longer in alignment with who you are.

Pay close attention to any feelings that are coming up for you at this time. As these feelings arise, they are bringing to light things that you need to challenge. Maybe it’s releasing old wounding, maybe it’s a calling to do deep healing work, perhaps it’s forgiveness. Whatever it is, pay special attention to it and honor it.

This is also an important time to pay attention to how you’re being influenced by the world around you. The truth is, we are all influenced daily. By what we see on social media. By what we consume for entertainment. By how we spend our time and who we spend our time with. Pay attention to what’s influencing you and if you need a break from any of it. This can be a good time to unfollow accounts, limit your time on your phone, and evaluate your relationships.

This will also impact your views on society and where it’s headed. Don’t be afraid to take a philosophical view on the current state of the world. It’s a good thing to challenge the status quo and how you feel about it.

How can I support you?

This has been such a heavy full moon since it was timed with the Lion’s Gate Portal. Due to this, I’ve made part of the Full Moon Circle a freebie for you. During this circle you’ll find community, reiki healing, journal prompts, crystal guidance, and more.

I’ve also been sharing guidance on Instagram and TikTok for this moon.
If you would like some 1:1 support you can book an Intuitive Session, Tarot Reading, or Reiki Healing. And of course, you can shop the new candle line.

Tell me how are you feeling after the full moon?

Love + magic,


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