Celebrating Mabon

Celebrating Mabon

On September 22, 2022 (or the 23rd depending where you are) it will be time to celebrate Mabon. Depending on where you are in this journey, you’ll see this a many names. The fall equinox, Mabon, or the autumn equinox. No matter the name, it all means the same thing: it is the end of summer and fall is officially here.

But what is an equinox? This is a time where the sun crosses the equator and it creates equal day and night around the world. That’s why you’ll often see people talking about Mabon in a witchy slant and the equinox with an astrological slant. Although they might seem different, they really all relate to the Wheel of the Year and the natural cycles of our planets.

When talking about Mabon with a friend yesterday, we thought about this transition and what it was like many moons ago. Farmers and families had collected all of their harvest and it was now time to prepare for the colder seasons. Time to thank the Earth for its generous bounty. Time to can your bounty for the long winter and of course, time to make offerings back to the Earth.

It’s a beautiful time to take stock of all that’s happened over the year, all that you’ve gathered, and how to ride out the rest of the year. Yet not necessarily a time to begin making new goals, plans, or dreams. Because with the long winter, always came survival. So, like old times, it’s an important time to express gratitude and plan for the upcoming winter.

There are endless things we could talk about when it comes to Mabon but for this post, let’s talk about how to celebrate Mabon and some different practices you can do to honor this time.

Mabon Reflections

  1. Write a list of reflections

    This is a wonderful time to reflect on the year thus far. You’ve come so far since spring, since the beginning of the year. Take time to celebrate those accomplishments. The big and the small. Celebrate every step you’ve made in this journey and feel gratitude for everything on this list.

  2. Create a burn list

    Now is the time to detoxify your energy, mind, and life. You can write without thinking, just letting you mind flow freely. If you’re struggling, ask yourself “what is no longer serving me?”. Once you’ve complete your list, safely burn your list outside or in a cauldron. As the flames ingulf the paper, feel the energy transforming into something new and leaving you completely.

  3. Make a gratitude list

    Gratitude is so powerful and we truly do have so many things to be thankful for when we allow ourselves to slow down and really reflect on all the things that have. Even if you don’t feel like you have much to be thankful for right now, start with the basic things like “waking up this AM, a roof over my head, etc.”. And let the rest flow from there.

  4. Complete a tarot spread for Mabon, both reflecting on the past and present

    I love doing tarot readings, especially around significant events like the moon phases. The equinox is the perfect time to pull some cards and reflect on what they are swaying about the past year and all that is to come.

Preparing for, and celebrating, Mabon

  1. Tidy up your home

    Tidying up your home is a great way to cleanse your home, move around the energy, and clear up clutter. Starting your home off with a refreshed space for the season will not only clear you mind but also allow energy to flow better throughout your home. Once you’ve cleaned your home, sweep it with a cinnamon broom, sage your home, or spray it with Florida water. These all provide different energetic properties to your home. The cinnamon broom is perfect for the season, can can be found everywhere right now, but sage and cleansing spray like Florida water are fine to use too! You can also use candles! I love using my Evil Eve Candle and Witching Hour Candle for space cleansing.

  2. Create an altar

    An altar can be whatever you make it. It can contain items that hint at fall like pumpkins, apples, leaves, and your hopes for the next few months. It can an offering to the deities you work with or those associated with this season. It can include pinecones, cinnamon, crystals, and candles. There is no wrong way to make an altar! You can always explore Instagram and Pintrest for inspiration.

  3. Learn more about Mabon and the deities associated with it

    If we’ve been connected for a while, you' probably already know I have a masters in library and information science and spent years working as a librarian. So I love to read and learn. So I try to get my hands on as many books as possible. I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about the Wheel of the Year and various deities. Here are some of my favorite books to learn more on these subjects.

What practices are you going to be doing to celebrate Mabon? I’d love to know below!

Love + magic,


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