Exploring the Lion's Gate Portal

Exploring the Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion's Gate Portal spans from July 26th to August 12th, with the peak occurring on August 8th. This portal is believed to open as a result of the alignment of Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Sun. It is also referred to as the Galactic New Year.

The 8/8 portal is significant in numerology, representing an endless and continuous cycle of energy. In Tarot, the eight in the major arcana is symbolized by the “Strength” card, where a woman tames a lion, showing her infinite power and strength. 

Not only does this alignment make for a powerful time of manifestation but it is also a time to gain higher conciseness for yourself and humanity. Make sure you carve out time to journal, pull tarot cards, and meditate so you can transform with the light codes that will be revealed to you. 

Use the lion's gate to manifest your biggest desires as well as cut cords from the things that no longer serve you. This is a powerful day of healing and enlightenment. 

Ready to make the most of the portal? I've put together a list of affirmations for you to use during the 8/8 portal to help boost your manifestations. You can use them for the portal and beyond!

Snag them here under "Freebies". 

I can't wait to hear what you think of the affirmations? 

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