Herbs for Protection

Herbs for Protection

Herbs are a magical addition to spellwork, healing, and your everyday life. It can be a bit overwhelming knowing what to start with when you first start trying to work with herbs. That's why we are bringing a new series to the blog to explore different herbs and their properties. Even better, we are going to be focusing on herbs that are easy to get your hands on. Be sure to tell us down below what your favorite protections herbs are!

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is a common kitchen herb which makes it great for kitchen witchin', manifesting, simmer pots, and protection. This herb is known for protection, cleansing, and protecting against negativity. You can light this herb on fire and cleanse your home, add it to your simmer pots, added to your spellwork, or kept on your person as a protection talisman. 


There is a reason everyone thinks of protection from vampires when it comes to garlic, that's because it's a powerful protection herb! There is a reason people stll hang a bundle of garlic at their door! This will help banish people and keep unwanted energies out of your home. Guess those movies were on to something! Garlic is a powerful herb to protect against malevolent spirits, bad intentions, and harmful magic. An easy way to use this herb is to add it to your cooking with the intention of protection. 


When you think of lavender, you probably often think of it as a calming scent. And for good reason, it is a deliciously calming herb but it can also be used for protection and warding off the evil eye. This is an easy herb to add to a bath ritual, to your candle spells, ritual oils, or to wear as perfume. This magical herb has so many great uses.


This powerful herb is not only great for your food but it acts as a powerful herb for protection. Rosemary is known to purify and protect spaces. This makes it great to burn in your home, add to simmer pots, to your candle spells, or even to add to your bath. 
Now that we have talked about some herbs for protection, let's talk about how to use them.
The most important aspect of any magical working is intent. When selecting an herb and a spell, it's important that you are clear about your intent for each. Next, you can figure out what method works best for you. 


I know, you might be thinking, I'm not going to sprinkle herbs into my path like a soup. And that's right- you're not. The best way to use herbs in your bath are to put them in a satchel and add it to your water. You can also brew the herbs as a tea then add it to your bath water. Just make sure that you aren't using any herbs that would irritate your body (i.e. peppermint, cinnamon, etc. are herbs that can be hot on the body. I personally wouldn't add them to a bath). 


Burning herbs is an easy way to use them but you have to keep your eyes on them! I love to add herbs, with a charcoal disk, to a cauldron or other fire safe container. You can then keep in in a well ventilated room or move from room to room to purify your home. You'll also see some people making pre-made bundles of herbs that you can burn. Just be careful that they don't go ablaze!


Carrying and wearing herbs are very similar. You can place items in a satchel, in your pocket, or add it to part of a necklace. Set the intention that this is for protection and then you're good to go! 


Drinking your herbs with as a tincture or tea is a great way to use these herbs. You can also do the same when cooking! This is an easy way to create a protection ritual and probably why kitchen witchin' is so popular! Just be sure if consuming in concentrated doses, like a tincture or tea, that it doesn't interact with any medication. 


I love sprinkling herbs around my home or on to my spell candles. If you have any animals, and plan on sprinkling, make sure that it won't harm your fur babies.
There is so much I could say about each of these herbs! Should we do individual posts and start an herbal digital library? Let me know!
Love and magic,
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