Optimize Your Leo Season With These Tips

Optimize Your Leo Season With These Tips

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Leo season is officially here! While our fiery Leos love this time of year, it can also be a time where we begin to feel challenged. Leo season asks us to bravely show up as ourselves and speak our truths, no matter what. And of course, that can be scary AF.

It's not easy to show up courageously when confronted by fear or when we are asked to follow our heart. But Leo, ruled by the Sun, helps us learn some important lessons. 

In fact, I was prepping for Leo season all of July when I took that scary leap, quit my full time job, and jumped head first into full time entrepreneurship. Leo season helped push me over the edge to accept my true calling and live out my dreams no matter what others thought. 

And it's going to ask the same for you. 

Here are 4 things you might be experiencing this Leo season

  1. Following your heart, even if your head is screaming with logic. 
  2. Showing up as your most authentic self 
  3. Expressing your needs more than ever
  4. Embracing more joy

Those might seem like big and scary things but they are all going to lead you towards your greater vision and your higher self. To help you through this energy season, I've put together a list of affirmations for you. 

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How are you feeling this Leo season? Let me know in the comments. 

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