There has been so much heaviness 😮‍💨

There has been so much heaviness 😮‍💨

Everyone I talk to lately has been struggling. Whether they are dealing with technology craziness at work, mental health related concerns, or general exhaustion there is no denying that things have felt a bit off.

I think things have been that way for myself and those in my home. And it certainly isn’t easy when the energy feels like this. If you already suffer from a mental health condition, which I do and many people that I love do, then this can make those conditions start to bubbel up as well.

Why is this happening?

There are few astrological things we can blame it on, like Mercury being in retrograde. But, even if you don’t buy into that, there are six planets in retrograde during September which anyone has to admit is a lot of fucking planets in retrograde. And, call me a newb, but I didn’t know that this is something that happens with regularity.

Combine those forces with the general wax and wanne of the moon phases, plus every day life stressors, and that makes for a lot of emotional feelings bubbling to the surface.

The thing is, it’s okay to have big feelings. We can blame them on the moon, the planets, or just being a human. The important thing is, we learn how to give ourselves the proper tools to take care of ourselves no matter where the planets are hanging out, how our mental health is, or what type of mood our boss is in.

How can I support myself?

This is such a good question and I’m glad you’re asking it. Because the thing is, there are a ton of ways that you can support yourself and others when you’re feeling like the energy is low and you’re struggling to get by. And, something I’ve learned, is that if you’re feeling this way, chances are lots of other people are feeling this way. So let’s dive in to how you can support yourself.


Journaling is one of the most underrated tools when it comes to getting your emotions out. Grab a notebook, the notes app on your phone (although I really do love a pen and paper especially if you want to do a release ritual) and get to writing. Take time to just let your thoughts flow without judgement. You’ll be amazed what just starts to come out of your fingertips once you release the pressure of having to write something perfect and just making this an activity to get your feelings out. I love taking this a step further and burning up the paper to feel like I’m fully releasing these emotions but of course, this isn’t a requirement.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is an amazing way to cleanse the air and remove any stagnant or negative energy around your space. I love to to smoke cleanse after meeting with clients, before performing reiki, before and after visitors, and with the moons. But truthfully this is something you can do as often as you like and any time that you need. This is a practice that whole books are written on, so I’ll dive into a more in depth article about this later, but for now grab your favorite sustainable herbs or incense and light it. You can move from space to space in your home or just leave it lit in the room you’re working in.


I’m purposely using the broad term of energetics here so we can talk about lots of dreamy practices. Energetics can be anything from working with crystals, casting spells, receiving reiki healing, lighting one of my reiki candles, and more. Energetics are a great way to move energy, release blocks, and help give you clarity. Honestly, one of the reasons that I started developed and sharing my reiki candles, were for the very heavy feelings I’m talking about in this post. I was able to use candles as a vessel for energetic healing and allow people to receive this healing around the world anytime, just by striking a match. My favorite candle for feelings like we are talking about: Unicorn Punch.


Oof. I’m going to be honest about this one. When I feel like this, the last thing I want to do is get outside and move. Or really move at all. But whenever I do get some movement in I always feel better. Movement helps us release that stagnant energy (maybe Taylor Swift was on to something..) and also allows us to change our space. Sometimes getting up and changing our scenery really can change our perspective. So grab your favorite podcast, your four-legged friend, or your bestie and go for a walk. It truly will help.

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