Ready to book in a reiki session or book a tarot reading? This is your go to place to make an appointment for those services.
  • Street Cred

    📚 Doctorate in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an Educational Technology Focus
    📚Masters in Library and Information Science
    📚Bachelor of Arts in English
    📚Bachelor of Arts in Women Studies
    📚 Currently pursing a Masters in Business Communications

  • Spiritual Vibe

    🌙 Reiki Master
    🌙 Taurus sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Rising
    🌙 1/3 Projector
    🌙 Ocean lover
    🌙 Constant learner
    🌙 Hype girl

  • Faves

    🖤 Mexican food
    🖤 Travel with my hubby
    🖤 Reading
    🖤 Rainy days
    🖤 Harry Potter + Disney
    🖤 Sharing food + laughs with friends

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