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Lumos Collective

Bitch Be Gone

Bitch Be Gone

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Have someone you need to be out of your life? Or maybe you need to fix your own energy? This candle is perfect for you.

Bitch Be Gone was created out of frustration. I was sick of imposter accounts. I was sick of negative people. And at times, even frustrated with my own bitchyness. 

This candle helps with all of these things. Light this candle up when you need someone to fix their attitude, stop causing chaos, and just let  you live your life. 

This candle smells like cashmere musk to remind you that you're a high vibe bitch who doesn't have to put up with others shit. 

This candle is topped with red plum blossom to help you be resilient, overcome adversity, and hope. It is also topped with raspberry leaf for healing, protection, and love. Bloodstone crystals also top this crystal to aid in protection and boost your confidence. 

This candle is infused with reiki healing, magic, and intention. 

Please note that these candles are handmade and difference may occur. 

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