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Lumos Collective

Bitch Be Gone

Bitch Be Gone

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Introducing our empowering and transformative "Bitch Be Gone" Reiki Mist — a bold and invigorating blend crafted to help you shake off negativity and reclaim your space. With a refreshing scent that uplifts the spirit, this mist is not just a fragrance; it's a dynamic fusion of herbs, florals, and crystals carefully selected to assist you in removing toxic energies from your life.

Infused with the assertive energy of herbs, the soothing essence of florals, and the potent vibrations of crystals, this mist is your steadfast ally in banishing those unwelcome headaches. Let the aromatic symphony of this mist empower you to break free from negativity and create a positive and harmonious environment.

The "Bitch Be Gone" Reiki Mist is also infused with the transformative touch of Reiki healing, elevating its energy-cleansing properties. Reiki enhances the mist's ability to clear away energetic blockages and promote a sense of renewal, allowing you to release what no longer serves you.

Versatile and convenient, this mist is perfect for reclaiming your personal space. Spritz it in your room to dispel negativity, lightly mist your linens for a fresh start to your day, or take it with you on the go for an instant energy reset whenever and wherever you need it.

Declare your intention to remove toxicity from your life with the "Bitch Be Gone" Reiki Mist. Let the powerful combination of herbs, florals, crystals, and Reiki healing be your supportive force in creating a space filled with positivity, empowerment, and renewed energy. Say goodbye to headaches and welcome the transformative power of this unique mist into your daily ritual.

Crafted with intention and magic. Each product is handpoured.

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