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Get F*cked

Get F*cked

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We’ve all had those moments where the universe, people, or situations have brought on rage. And we only wish we had known about the token phrase of “get fucked”.

This candle embodies divine feminine rage, that allows us to
🎤 speak our mind
🎤stand up for ourselves
🎤 stand up for others
🎤 stand in our power

It will also help you heal your rage and learn to control it in a way that empowers you and tells others know to listen when you speak.

This candle also allows brings in vibes of wealth and luxury.

This candle is topped with dragon blood stone. A stone of wealth, clearing the heart, calming the mind, and protection from evil. It also helps lift emotions and bring personal power. It will provide you with strength, courage, and purpose to face difficulties and to heal emotions.

This multi purpose candle is truly going to help you level up into the next version of yourself while also sending a loud message to the universe and others that you won’t take any shit!

22oz double wick glass candle made with soy wax.

This candle is made with magic, intention, and infused with reiki energy.

Please note each candle is hand poured and unique. Candles may vary slightly due to this. Additionally, we use a sustainable practices for our herbs and florals so there may be times where the floral colors vary.

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