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'Tis the Damn Season

'Tis the Damn Season

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All the Swifties know 'Tis the Damn Season to be traveling back to your hometown, maybe seeing an ex, and explore the life that could have been. 

And look, those feelings aren't easy! 

That's why there is 'Tis the Damn Season candle. 

If you're traveling to your hometown or the family is coming to your new town, you want to start burning this candle ASAP!

Not only is it going to bring in abundance in all forms but it's going to help you navigate those tricky feelings of what might have been. 

Infused with reiki, magic, and intention this candle will have you knowing you can make it through this season. 

This candle smells like orange, cinnamon, fir, pine, and a warm fire to keep you cozy this holiday season. 

Topped with roses for love and protection and labradorite to help you communicate clearly, you'll be so glad you have this candle! 

Each candle is hand poured and variations may occur. 

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