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Lumos Collective

I am Protected

I am Protected

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Introducing our "I Am Protected" Reiki Mist – an empowering fusion of nature's gifts designed to surround you with a shield of positive energy and fortify your well-being. Envelop yourself in the sweet and grounding aroma of agave, creating an atmosphere of strength and protection.

This unique mist is a carefully curated blend of herbs, florals, and crystals, chosen for their powerful protective properties. Each element works harmoniously to create a force field of positivity, helping to repel negative energies and promote a sense of security in your everyday life.

Infused with the transformative energy of Reiki healing, our "I Am Protected" Reiki Mist takes the concept of protection to a whole new level. Reiki enhances the mist's ability to harmonize your energy, providing an additional layer of support and empowerment to help you navigate life's challenges.

Versatile and convenient, this protective mist is suitable for every aspect of your life. Spritz it in your room to establish a sanctuary of safety, lightly mist your linens for a reassuring touch before sleep, or take it with you on the go to create a protective aura wherever you are.

Declare your intention and embrace a sense of security with the "I Am Protected" Reiki Mist. Let the combination of agave, herbs, florals, crystals, and Reiki healing empower you to face each day with confidence and positivity. Elevate your surroundings and energy with this exquisite mist that stands as your daily ally in the journey of self-assurance and protection.


Crafted with intention and magic. Each product is handpoured.

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