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Don't Kill My Vibe

Don't Kill My Vibe

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There is always going to be something going on with the planets. 🪐

And you have two choices:
🪐 let the cosmos completely kill your vibe
🪐 learn about the cosmos and see how to use the rhythms to your advantage

I vote for the latter. 😜

After all it is what
🪐 the ocean
🪐 animals
🪐 ancient civilizations

have always done.

This candle is going to help you find your zen no matter what is going on in the universe. 🌕

This candle smells of naga champa (incense) and bamboo to help bring calm to your home.

It’s also topped with strawberry quartz to heal your wounds, aid with anxiety and depression, and help bring an overall sense of balance.

6oz single wick glass candle made with soy wax.

This candle is made with magic, intention, and infused with reiki energy.

Please note each candle is hand poured and unique. Candles may vary slightly due to this. Additionally, we use a sustainable practices for our herbs and florals so there may be times where the floral colors vary.

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I put this one on when inviting guests over and the compliments of its scent are the first most common comment. Well crafted and brings a strong sense of zen!