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Evil Eye Protection Oil

Evil Eye Protection Oil

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For centuries, evil eye talismans have been used for protection and to ward off bad energy. This symbols goes across numerous cultural divides all for the same purpose. This powerful symbol is still used today in homes across the world, in healings, worn as jewelry, and displayed prominently in public spaces.

This oil uses the healing powers of this talisman combined with reiki and crystal energy for aded protection. This oil is perfect if you fear you’ve had the evil eye placed on you, you want to protect yourself from the evil eye, or you would like to adopt this cultural practice of using the talisman for protection.

This oil is coconut oil based and includes crystals, mica, and scent.

This oil is made with magic, intention, and infused with reiki energy. 

Please note each candle is hand poured and unique. Oils may vary slightly due to this. Additionally, we use a sustainable practices for our herbs and florals so there may be times where the floral colors vary.

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