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Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

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🌟 Embrace Balance and Harmony with our Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit! 🌟

Navigating the cosmic tides during Mercury Retrograde just got easier with our thoughtfully curated kit designed to bring you peace, alignment, and protection during this celestial phenomenon.

🕯️ Illuminate your path through the retrograde haze with our Reiki-infused Candle: Crafted with intention, this candle harnesses the calming energies of Reiki, enhancing its power with specially selected herbs and crystals to create an aura of tranquility. Light it to invite clarity and soothe the energetic turbulence.

💫 Harmonize your surroundings with our Reiki-infused Spray: Our specially concocted spray is a mystical blend of essential oils, charged with magical properties and imbued with Reiki healing energy. With every spritz, this enchanting elixir envelops your space, promoting positivity, warding off negativity, and fostering an environment of balance.

🌿 Realign your spirit with our Reiki-infused Oil: Infused with potent herbs and crystals, this transformative oil serves as a conduit for setting and amplifying intentions. Whether you seek grounding, protection, or manifestation, a few drops of this Reiki-attuned oil will aid you in aligning your intentions with the universe, guiding you through the retrograde storm.

Each component of our Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit has been carefully selected and crafted to provide you with a holistic approach to facing the cosmic shifts. Embrace the power of Reiki, magic, herbs, and crystals to navigate this period with grace and serenity.

Ride the waves of Mercury Retrograde with confidence and resilience – let our kit be your celestial companion, supporting you on your journey to cosmic equilibrium.

Please note each product is hand poured. Natural variations may occur. 

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