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Sweetening Spell Jar

Sweetening Spell Jar

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The sweetening spell jar is the perfect spell for bringing in more sweetness in your life!

How does this spell work?

  • This spell calls in more sweetness to your relationships, and when applicable, brings in the goddess Aphrodite

  • I’ll be casting the spell for you and once it is complete sending the spell jar to you

  • The jar can then be placed under your bed, by your bed, or on your altar to keep the magic flowing

How can this spell be used?

  • To bring in more sweetness to a current relationship

  • For self love

  • For attracting your crush

  • For defensive purposes
    For any type of relationship

How has this spell worked for others?

  • It has stopped gossip in it’s tracks

  • It has gotten people to talk after days of not talking

  • It has brought in deeper feelings of romance

Please note that with all magic results are not guaranteed and free will has to be taken into account. Additionally jars are handmade and may vary slightly in appearance.

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