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The Star

The Star

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The Star card in tarot, comes as a welcome sign that there is hope. That your spirit can be renewed. That welcome change is on the way. This is the perfect candle to light after making your way through a period filled with turmoil, change, and confusion. 

The Star will help light your path and remind you that you can tackle any obstacle thrown in your path. This candle will help welcome in a season of calm and stability. This candle also helps you step into this beautiful time of personal growth. Opening yourself up to the secrets and love of the universe.

This candle smells deliciously sweet, almost like a fruit roll up. You'll feel whisked away to a tropical oasis, ripe with fruit, while you burn The Star candle. 

This candle is made with soy wax and premium oils. The traditional prayer, or 7-day candle, vessel allows this candle to burn for a 100 hours or more. Additionally, this candle comes with a necklace with The Start tarot card engraved on it. 

This candle is also topped with lapis lazuli to aid in spiritual healing and growth. This candle is infused with magic, reiki, and intention. 

Please note that each candle is handmade and variations may occur. 


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